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Emory Commencement Special Seating Request

This form is used to request special seating-area tickets for family members and friends with mobility concerns or other conditions who need close access to the sidewalk and the passenger drop-off area for the Emory University Commencement Ceremony on the Quadrangle.

The special-seating areas on the Quadrangle are not the closest to the stage, nor necessarily with the "best view," but are situated for ease of mobility from the passenger drop-off areas, via sidewalks, to minimize travel.  Additional ushers are also available in these areas to assist guests with removing or adding seats to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.

For our guests with hearing impairments, the Emory University Commencement Ceremony on the Quadrangle features video screens with real-time captioning, and there are many different seating locations across the Quadrangle for those interested in being closer to a loudspeaker. The special seating areas may not be the closest to loudspeakers or with the best views of the video screens.  

It is our policy to allow for up to one additional companion ticket per guest needing special seating. For example, if there are two members in your party who require assistance, up to four tickets will be sent (two for the guests requiring assistance, and two additional companion seats for family members to assist). Any additional family members and friends will need to sit in the general-seating area. There is open guest seating adjacent to the special seating areas.

All requests must be received by Friday, May 1, 2020. Click next to begin. Note, on mobile devices, "next" and "back" are represented by arrows.